Prof.Mohammed Ghanbari

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Prof.Mohammed Ghanbari

University of Essex, UK

Monitoring and evaluation of streamed video quality:Rapid growth of telecom networks and huge demand for video services, have created situations, where today more than 85% of network traffics are comprised of visual services. Emerging new method of transporting TV programs over multimedia packet networks has encouraged conventional broadcasters, whom used to broadcast TV programs via digital terrestrial television or satellites, to move to the new era of video over internet. Video over internet, the so called Over The Top (OTT) and even its transport over managed network, known as IPTV, despite giving the viewers the curtsey of watching their desired TV programs at anytime, anywhere and anyplace, normally result in undesirable delivered video quality. Considering that in such networks, numerous players are involved in the video distribution chain, such as content providers, content distributors, network operators, customer services, etc, it is highly required to be able to monitor and measure the video quality in such a complex chain. The measured value should not only have great correlation to the human perception of quality, but it should also be measurable in a feasible metric. Over the past 15 years, the ITU standard committee of Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG) has recommended methods of evaluating processed video at various stages of production to distribution phases. In this talk, after introducing the concept of video quality evaluation, an overview of the VQEG work is addressed. The main part of the talk will be highlights of the speaker’s works on over the past 20 years in this field.

My Skills

Video/Image compression 100
motion estimation 100
Image/video segmentation/ processing 100
Image/video retrieval 100
indexing. Image/video encryption/watermarking 100
Object tracking 100

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